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How to Set or Change YouTube Default Video Playback Quality

YouTube consumption is one of the highest in todays world, right from little kids seeing children’s videos to cooking videos for adults, fashion, travelling, Devotional, etc. Video Content consumes up a lot of data and if you have set your Default Video Quality setting to High, then be prepared for finishing up your data fast.

How to Always Mute Chats in WhatsApp Permanently for Android and iOS

WhatsApp has updated their Mute option with a new settings giving you the option to permanently or Always mute notifications for a user or Group. It has termed the new update as “Always” mute chat feature. Earlier there used to be three time frames for which you could mute any user or Group you are

How to Create Videos using Instagram Reels

Instagram has included a new feature – Instagram Reels which is a sort of replacement to the recently banned TikTok in India. Let us check out How to create videos using Instagram Reels similar to TikTok. With this new feature you can make a 15 second or multiple 15 second videos or Reels which can

How to upload 4K resolution photos in Twitter from Android or iOS smartphones

Twitter recently has introduced the option where it is allowing users to upload 4K resolution photos in Twitter. One negative aspect of this feature is that it is rolled out only for the Desktop version but not available for the Android or iOS. So, if you are someone who doesn’t have a Desktop or PC

How to Disable In App Browser in Facebook, Telegram and Twitter

With Facebook and Twitter being the major contenders in the race to top Social Networking sites across the globe, their Apps are designed in a way to make sure that users stay within the app. By having In-App browsers or built-in browsers the users are not let to venture out of the App to increase

How to change Zoom background in Mobile, PC, and Mac

Zoom has zoomed into everyone’s lives thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic which has forced many professionals to start Working from Home, to make Video meetings more exciting did you know that you can change your Zoom background. You can change your background to anything you wish, like a beach, party scene or any virtual background

How to find out who you Message the most on WhatsApp

Did you know that there is a way to know who you messaged or contacted with the most on WhatsApp? The Instant messaging app is replacing both messaging, voice and video calling from traditional methods and has crossed two billion monthly active users recently which is quite a big number. With the option which we

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Facebook and Instagram

In the time of Social Media, having a Facebook and Instagram account has become mandatory for not just millennials but for people or all age groups, it is important for everyone to have good passwords and protect your account from being accessed by others. It is important that you use complex and unique passwords to

How to post TikTok Videos from Laptop or Desktop PC

You can publish Videos on TikTok from your Laptop or PC using their website which we will be showing you in the post below. Recently Tiktok has surpassed Facebook with the number of downloads in Google Play Store making it one of the most used Social media apps which gives users the option to upload

How to Fix: Live photo to Boomerang is not working in Instagram Stories on iPhone

With the latest Instagram update (124.0) on iPhone many users have complained that the option of changing “Live photos into Boomerangs in stories” is not available after updating to the latest version. There has not been any official statement whether Instagram has removed in intentionally or it is an error or bug which might be