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How to Fix or Solve “Error 506” – Cant Download App in Google Play Store

Recently encountered an Error while downloading an App from Google Play Store, where the Error message read like – “Can’t download app – Error Code -506“. This Error has been commonly seen in situations where the Application has been Installed once and uninstalled and tried to install again. What is the cause of Error 506?

How to Fix or Solve Error code 0 in Google Play Store

With the increasing number of apps in Google Play Store and Android devices, there are new Errors which are popping up, one such problem being faced by Android users is “Error Code 0” while installing or updating apps in Google Play Store. With most of the other Errors which were present in Google Play store,

How to Fix or Solve Error Retrieving Information from Server DF-DLA-15 in Google Play Store

With the number of Android smartphones increasing in number every passing day, so are the number of Errors in Google play store being faced by users, one such Error is the “Error retrieving information from server DF-DLA-15” which is faced while downloading an application from Google Play Store. The Error is not rare and is

How to Fix / Solve Error “There is a problem parsing the package” in Android device

Android is evolving everyday with the new updates and devices entering the market and so are the number of errors faced by users is increasing. Some are because of errors due to network issues and others due to Android Play Store, most of which have simple fix’s and some are complicated. One such error is

How to Solve / Fix “Error Code 504” in Google Play Store

There are a lot of Apps in Google Play Store and with many Errors being faced by users while installing Applications, one of the common Errors faced during installation or updating an Application like Facebook from Google Play Store is “Unknown Error Code during application installation: “-504”. This Error is seen in users or devices

How to solve Error 194 in Android Play Store

There have been many instances when you are trying to download an interesting app and you face an Error which prevents you from downloading and installing the application from Google Play Store. From the huge number of apps there will be many applications which will be facing this error sometimes when updating the installed applications.

How to Solve or Fix Error 905 in Google Play Store

When I was downloading Asphalt 8: Airborne from Google Play Store, Error 905 popped up when the download was half way through. The Error read as follows “Asphalt 8: Airborne could not be downloaded due to an error (905)”. The device which I was downloading the App was Galaxy K Zoom which is running on

How to Fix Error 489 app could not be downloaded solution

There are many errors which are coming up in Google Play store while updating or installing apps in your android device and Error 489 is one such error which is seen while installing updates or downloading any app from google play store. This is seen from almost 2 years in play store and Google has

How to Solve or Fix Insufficient space available on device in Android devices

Many Android users have complained about an irritating error “Insufficient space available” in their device even if there is more than enough storage space available on device. The Error is arising when users are trying to install any applications or updating applications through Google Play store and sometimes even when opening some installed apps. It

How to Fix / Solve Error 110 in Google Play Store

Google Play Store gives you a lot of Errors which are sometimes minor ones and sometimes bug you a lot and one such error which we are going to talk about is Error 110 in Google Play Store. There is always a reason behind every Error being faced in Play Store most of the times it is