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How to Block System App Ads in Xiaomi smartphones running MIUI 9 or MIUI 10

Xiaomi is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in China and India selling millions of smartphones in the mid-range segment. The company offers great specifications at an affordable price point. But Xiaomi tends to make up for the loss in Hardware by showing ads in their MIUI System Apps which in most cases is annoying.

How to Fix or Solve Error 936 in Google Play Store

There is an Error which has started troubling Android users, the Error 936 which is being seen while downloading an App from Google Play Store. This Error is has been known to pop up even while updating the App for some users. The Error 936 is seen with a pop-up message popping up when you hit

How to Check If Android device is Certified or Uncertified by Google

Android Operating system is an open source platform but Google to make sure that the customers using their Android device are safe from any malicious software and make sure that the customers get the best user experience. Google wants companies to follow certain guidelines which help in protecting Android devices. To make sure that devices

How to Display Battery percentage in Status Bar in POCO F1

Displaying Battery percentage in your status or notification bar is one of the most important features which many users want to see constantly to make sure that they have sufficient battery life to last till they can get to a charger or a power bank. With the POCO F1 phone from Xiaomi is the latest

How to Solve or Fix “Device is Not Certified by Google” Error in Android smartphones

Google is the company owning Android, has some very strict rules for devices which are running on their Android OS to make sure that they comply with certain requirements to make them safe. If the devices running the Android OS do not meet the set criteria they are termed as not secure. In such cases,

How to Display battery percentage in Status Bar in OnePlus 6

OnePlus has launched their latest Flagship smartphones, the OnePlus 6 and this has catapulted the company into one of the leading manufacturers in the premium smartphones segment. With the latest OnePlus 6 sporting a Notch which is the latest trend in the smartphone industry for 2018. With the notch, it becomes useful to have the

How to Change Graphic Setings on PUBG Mobile to increase FPS

Gaming on smartphones is slowly catching up with PC Gaming thanks to the increase in RAM and also Processors which are more than capable of supporting some high-end graphics games. One such game is PUBG or Player Unknown BattleGround which has caught up like fire having millions of users worldwide playing on PC has caught

How to Fix or Solve “Server Error – Retry” in Google Play Store in Android devices

If you own an Android smartphone, it comes with Google Play Store and more than we wish, we keep seeing Errors popping up any many instances like – Updating Apps, Installing Apps etc. One such Google Play Store Error is “Server Error – Retry” when you try to access Google Play Store Error. This can

How to Fix “OK Google” not working or unresponsive – Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a very useful and futuristic feature made available by Google which utilizes the various services from the company like Google Search, Maps etc to give you a personal assistant right in your pocket. Earlier only the Stock Android smartphones used to have this feature but Google has started to include this feature

How to Fix or Solve Bluetooth Connectivity problem in Android Oreo

Are you facing connecting your Android smartphone Bluetooth to other devices after updating to Android Oreo 8.0? Do not worry, you are not alone there is an issue with the Android 8.0 Oreo update being sent out by Google. This Error started last year in August and some users are still complaining of the problem on