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How to Use or Run Multiple WhatsApp accounts in your Android device

With the number of Dual Sim Android devices rising up day by day and the users of Whats app increasing the requirement for using whats app from both the sim’s in a single android device is requested by many users. Here is the way to do the same like we have many other Whats App

How to send Messages in Whats App with different Fonts or Texts

We will be discussing a simple yet effective technique to chat with your Whats app contacts by using different Font or Text from your Android Device. Whats app is by far the most used Chatting platform App for mobile users and with the ever increasing prices of Text messages people are sticking to Whats app.

How to know IMEI number of Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3

We all know the importance of having IMEI number of Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3 which can be easily found by these 3 tricks in the Galaxy S4 and Note 3. These 3 techniques are going to help you easily acquire the IMEI number of your Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3. Check the

How to use Gmail to print Email from your Android Devices

Printing feature has just been included into the Gmail app by Google which will help us print mails directly from your Android Device when you have a printer with wifi connectivity included in its features. So if you have an Android Device and you want to print an Email which is urgent and cannot go

How to See or View Notifications after closing them | Android Tips

Notifications in today’s smartphones come in massive numbers with many applications like Facebook, twitter, email, messages etc running in the background. And in a hurry to remove all the unwanted notifications we might remove some important notifications as well. So once you close the notifications from the status bar you will not be able to

How to Stop or Disable Predictive Text in Samsung Note 3 and S4

The predictive Text in Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3 are seen by someone as very helpful and some utterly hate it as while typing in your local language it a big pain to keep correcting your mistake as it gives the english terms. So for people who feel Predictive text in Samsung Note 3

How to Solve / Fix “Error Code 495” in Google Play Store App install

Android Apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store with the help of Wifi or Mobile Data. There are many Errors which one will encounter many times while downloading and installing the App.  Error 495 in particular is encountered when an Android user attempts to Install any App or Game over Wifi but when the

How to Stop/Disable App notifications in Android

Android Operating System is evolving day by day and earlier there used to be notifications of just missed calls, messages, mails etc but now every Applications is getting notifications which regularly keep coming up in the notification bar can sometimes be irritating with games and other apps showing notifications and updates. I have got many

How to solve “Error Code 921” in Google Play Store App install

Every Android user has applications installed in their devices and these have to be installed from Google Play Store which is recently experiencing an Error to many users who are trying to instal any applications when a error pop’s up on their screen stating “Unknown error code during application install” which is preventing installation of

How to Stop Data usage when Screen is Off in Sony Xperia Z

Constant Data Usage even when the screen is turned off is a common thing in today’s smartphones with Background Apps running constantly trying to update regularly in the background with notifications. This affects the Battery life and also uses up a lot of Mobile Data when on the move. In case you are using wifi