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LG G Vista the new 5.7 inch HD IPS display smartphone

LG which is roaring in the smartphone market with their top end phones likes LG G2 and recently released LG G 3 are now looking to concentrate slowly on the lower market with a LG G Vista. The device comes with similar features like LG G3 with a 5.7 inch screen with a rear button

Motorola makes Moto G cheaper by 2000 Rs

Motorola which had created ripples in the Indian market with the release of its budget smartphones like Moto G and Moto E is now under tough competition due to the release of Xiaomi MI 3 which is far superior in terms of specifications to Moto G but having almost similar pricing. And looking at the

Xiaomi Mi 3 goes on Sale again on August 5th

Xiaomi which created ripples in the Indian smartphone market with its Mi 3 smartphone which was released on July resulting in a flash sale which was supposedly sold out in 40 minutes along with the site crashing many times for many customers as said by the e commerce website. And the second batch of Mi

Micromax to launch Xiaomi Mi 3 competitor with similar specifications

Micromax was having a great time in India releasing smartphones at half the price of the other big company smartphones at half the price but recently there has been a lot of competition for Micromax with companies like Gionee, Spice and Asus etc and now recently the launch of Xiaomi Mi 3 has put Micromax

Moto X+1 leaked photos and specifications before release

Motorola which has had great success after the release of its flagship device the Moto X is which was launched around August last year is going to come out with its next successor named the Moto X+1 which Android Police have released some photos of stating it to be the pre production model of the

OnePlus One coming soon to India with attractive pricing

Its raining new Smartphones in India with Xiaomi and Asus already releasing smartphones with high specifications with low pricing, the competition is going to get even more tougher with OnePlus manufacturer will soon be making its entry into India with its flagship device OnePlus “One”. If we see the recent popular smartphones among Indians which

Moto X now get Digital Tattoo Unlock option

Motorola with its Moto X smartphone is making improvisations and trying to get maximum sales for the device and has recently announced that you can Lock your Moto X and unlock your device without the help of a Code or pattern but with the help of Tattoo Stickers. Digital Tattoo is a technology which has

Blackberry QWERTY smartphones to cost less

Blackberry the company which brought the QWERTY keyboard to the market has been facing a rough time in all markets around the world from the last few years. With many new companies coming into the smartphone market with almost all the devices coming out with touch screen only. Blackberry the only company still stuck to

Xiaomi Mi3 Released and Sold out in 38 mins in Flipkart – India

On 22nd July Xiaomi entered the Indian market with its Mi 3 smartphone through Flipkart and as the company has fared in China the same could be seen here as the company has claimed that Mi 3 was “Sold out in 38 mins and 40 secs” to be precise. The company has tweeted saying “Thanks