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Top/Best First Person Shooter (FPS) Apps for Android phone and Tablets

First person shooter games are gun Centered and Projectile weapon based gaming first person perspective. This literally means that the player looks at the game from the eyes of the player. Wikipedia has given a good description to what First person Shooter games are. Note: FPS games require High End Graphics and they really test

List of 5 Best Radio FM Apps for Android – Galaxy S4

While there are many great features added in Samsung Galaxy S4 the loss of Radio FM from this device by Samsung has got some negative reviews by users who are still stuck with the old and gold Radio FM channels which can be listened to for free even without Internet connection. Samsung on the other

Plants vs Zombies 2 restricted to iOS and iPhone, iPod, iPad

Plants vs Zombies which is the most successful game created by Pop Cap is now owned by EA Games and this is what makes the much anticipated sequel Plants vs Zombies 2 which is in the future where the guy takes a strange truck taking him into the future. The App is going to be

Top 3 Antivirus Softwares for Android devices

Android is now the leading Mobile Software provider and it being an Open source Operating System Protection in Android is far from true, so like we use Anti Virus Softwares in our Laptops and PC there are many AntiVirus softwares for your Android Devices or we should say Security Apps which let you manage and

Best Zombie Games for Android Mobile Phones and Tablets

Zombie Games, Tv shows and Movies have always got a lot of credit and Zombie games are an instant hit in every type of Gaming platform. And in Android too there are thousands of Zombie related games in Google Play Store. But i am listing out only Top 6 of the Best Zombie games which