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Housing Android App Detailed Review – Property Listing App

There are many Websites to help search for Houses to purchase or Rent and most of which have Apps for Android smartphones. You might be looking for a certain type of flat or house in a certain locality and with some specific amenities which are not always made available in most of the Websites and

How to turn or use your own face as Emoticons or Smileys – Apple iPhone

Emoticons have always been a way to show what you feel to the other person you are chatting with and this trick which I am going to show you will be taking this to a whole new level. You can now express yourself in your chat messages with your own expressions. Smiley’s are now going

Storage Space Issues – “Not Enough Space” Error

Out of all the alert pop ups on an android phone,the most frustrating one is “Not Enough Storage Space”. It goes to a new height of frustration when this Error pops up when you don’t have anything of significant size stored on your phone. There are many reasons why this error can appear on your

How to Download and Install Flappy Bird Game – APK

Flappy Bird game the simplistic game just shot to fame out of the blue and the creator of the game who says he just made the game out of boredom and never thought it would become so popular and he is said to have earned $5000 per day because of the game. The game is

Top 4 Smart Watches in 2013 | Christmas and New Year Gifts

Christmas and New year are almost there and the gifting season has just begun and with some latest gadgets coming up regularly it is becoming difficult to decide on what to gift your near and dear one’s. If you want to be unique then here is the best gift for you – Smart Watches which

Best Free Christmas Apps for Apple iPhone and iPad

Christmas is just round the corner and there are many things which we love about Christmas as it is a fun filled family affair which lasts for many days. There are many Songs, Carols about Christmas which everyone loves and we all sing together. Christmas is a Holiday season which we can spend with the

Top 5 New Year Apps for Android devices

With New Year just around the corner and it is a time to wish people in the most unique way. Here are some Apps in Android which will let you enjoy New Year with various types of Apps like Wallpapers, Live Wallpapers, Timers, Countdown, Greeting cards, Sms Apps. Download all the apps and make this

Top 4 Free Christmas Songs, Ringtones and Radio Apps for Android

Christmas is all about Songs Carols and having fun together with friends and family. This is the time to learn and be up to date with the Songs and Lyrics in particular for the coming Christmas and here are some free Apps which will let you hear, learn and sing Christmas Songs, Lyrics and Carols

5 Best Free Christmas Apps for Android devices

With Christmas just Round the corner there is a lot of buzz about the latest and the top free Christmas apps in Android Play Store. Here we are going to list out the best 5 Christmas Apps for all Android devices in Samsung, HTC, LG, Micromax, Motorolla, Nexus and Andorid tablets as well. We are

Top Android Apps for Searching Rental Apartments and Houses

Shifting houses was a huge task and now a days with the upcoming of huge number of Apartments it has become a common thing to shift apartments and houses depending on ob requirements, and with the inclusion of smartphones in every part of Life it has become very easy to do such stuff like finding