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How to clean up and make Android device faster without any App

Android is now the leading Mobile OS in the world thanks to the success of Samsung and the many number of companies using this open platform as their OS. With the Increased number of users there is a huge increase in the number of Apps which in turn will fill the memory in your Android

How to Disable Face Tag in Samsung Galaxy Series Phones

Face Tag is an Option in most of the Samsung Smart phones and Tablet devices, Face tag is a feature which is helpful sometimes and i feel annoying most of the times where it does not let you see the images peacefully. So if you are facing the same problem with Face tag in Samsung

Comparison of Micromax Canvas HD A116 vs Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samsung Galaxy S3 and Micromax Canvas HD belong to whole different in the Aspect of Pricing but in terms of features, micromax is showing that even at cheaper prices the features of Top end mobile phones can be obtained with the help of its Micromax Canvas HD. The Price difference is huge, the difference itself

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Grand vs Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Grand vs Samsung Galaxy Note is a very good comparison because of the slight difference between the 2 smart phones, there is a very slight difference in the features but a very huge price gap between the two. The Display size in Not is slightly bigger with better resolution, touch screen is different

Differences between Samsung Galaxy Grand vs Galaxy S 3

Samsung Galaxy Grand the latest 5 inch smartphone from Samsung in comparison with a slightly higher end smartphone with greater resolution superior screen but a smaller size etc. The price difference is very big between the two phones and here are the differences between the 2 largest selling smartphones from Samsung.

Best Zombie Games for Android Mobile Phones and Tablets

Zombie Games, Tv shows and Movies have always got a lot of credit and Zombie games are an instant hit in every type of Gaming platform. And in Android too there are thousands of Zombie related games in Google Play Store. But i am listing out only Top 6 of the Best Zombie games which

MTV Volt – Why MTV has released a Phablet

MTV the youth brand association is trying to make its mark in the mobile and tablet industry by releasing a 6-inch device which it calls as “Phablet”. MTV has joined hands with Swipe Telecom to produce and release this 6 inch device. They are naming this device as Phablet as they say that the device

5 easy ways to create Android Apps for free

Android market is the biggest market for Apps in current times. There seems to be an ever-growing demand for  apps which is creating a world of opportunities for millions of developers around the world. Apps have become a medium for many to showcase their talent and creativity, and also make some good money. The Android

How to do factory reset on Android device

There are various reasons which might force us to perform a factory reset on our Android device. Some of these reasons could be improper installation of any app that could lead your phone to get stuck, any app could not be performing up to its optimum level and slow down your phone, any technician could have asked