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Top/Best First Person Shooter (FPS) Apps for Android phone and Tablets

First person shooter games are gun Centered and Projectile weapon based gaming first person perspective. This literally means that the player looks at the game from the eyes of the player. Wikipedia has given a good description to what First person Shooter games are. Note: FPS games require High End Graphics and they really test

How to Remove or Disable the Last Seen Status in Whats App in Android and Apple

Whats App from its introduction into the Smartphone market has replaced SMS messaging because people are fed up with the increasing rates by the Service Providers. Whats app provides free messaging multimedia, photos, videos etc for free with just an internet connection which makes it very easy and soft on your pocket. There has been

Differences between Nokia Lumia 928 vs Galaxy S4 – Comparison

Nokia trying to dethrone and take on the mighty Galaxy S4 is going to be one to watch out for with its Lumia 928 being launched it is surely taking on the mighty S4 but lets see who fares well in the comparison department. Both these devices have a great lineage with S4 coming from

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini vs Galaxy Grand

Comparison and Differences between the yet to be released Samsung Galaxy Grand vs the mini version of the Galaxy S4 are discussed here in a tabular form. Samsung has had great success with Galaxy Grand and as well as Galaxy S4 so it is going to release a smaller and cheaper version of its S4

List of 5 Best Radio FM Apps for Android – Galaxy S4

While there are many great features added in Samsung Galaxy S4 the loss of Radio FM from this device by Samsung has got some negative reviews by users who are still stuck with the old and gold Radio FM channels which can be listened to for free even without Internet connection. Samsung on the other

How to Change Galaxy S4 Lock Screen Text or Message

If you are the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4 device you must be knowing what and where “Life Companion” text is present and you must be annoyed or bored by looking at it every time you switch on your Galaxy S4. So here is a way to remove that irritating Life companion Text and

Plants vs Zombies 2 restricted to iOS and iPhone, iPod, iPad

Plants vs Zombies which is the most successful game created by Pop Cap is now owned by EA Games and this is what makes the much anticipated sequel Plants vs Zombies 2 which is in the future where the guy takes a strange truck taking him into the future. The App is going to be

How to Add Shortcuts on Lock screen of Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 becoming the most sold Smartphone with over 80 million phones already sold, there are many things which the users would want to know about the device like many shortcuts which are virtually not used by most of the users, so here we will be sharing with you how to create

Comparison or Differences of Galaxy S3 vs S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the successor of the popular Galaxy S3 which had a 4.8 inch display which has evolved into a 5 inch Full HD Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 1080×1920 pixels compared to the S3 with 720 x 1280 pixels and 4.8 inches. Samsung has cleverly increased the Screen size to 5 inches

Sont Xperia Z Tablet Specifications

Sony has now brought its water resistant properties into Tablet Section by launching the Sony Xperia Z Tablet device with a 10.1 inch Water Resistant  Display. The Device is top of the line with a 10.1 inch 1200 x 1920 full HD display which is water and Dust resistant is quite impressive. This Tablet will