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Top 4 Free Christmas Songs, Ringtones and Radio Apps for Android

Christmas is all about Songs Carols and having fun together with friends and family. This is the time to learn and be up to date with the Songs and Lyrics in particular for the coming Christmas and here are some free Apps which will let you hear, learn and sing Christmas Songs, Lyrics and Carols

5 Best Free Christmas Apps for Android devices

With Christmas just Round the corner there is a lot of buzz about the latest and the top free Christmas apps in Android Play Store. Here we are going to list out the best 5 Christmas Apps for all Android devices in Samsung, HTC, LG, Micromax, Motorolla, Nexus and Andorid tablets as well. We are

Latest Android 4.4 Kitkat Wallpapers and Features – Nexus 5

Andoroid is releasing its latest update with the name of Kitkat and this being the 4.4 version of the Android updates. Android the market leader in Smartphone and Tablet OS is releasing its latest version through its flagship device the Nexus 5. With the leaks and rumors running rounds we have gathered 2 wallpapers of

5 Tips to Decrease Data Usage in Android Phones and Tablets

With Android Smartphones coming out in large numbers and the data usage charges increasing day by day with newer technologies coming out like 3G, 4G etc. The increasing number of Apps which run in the background and use up data without your knowledge. So here are some simple tips which will help you cut down

Comparison or Differences between Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy S4

Comparison of Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy S4 devices which are from 2 different types of devices, Note 3 being a Phablet and Galaxy S4 a Smartphone. We must say that Galaxy S4 is on the bigger side of being a Smartphone but compared to the massive Note 3 at 5.7″ compared to the 5″

How to get Custom Android look on any Android Phone or Tablet

Stock Andorid is available only on selected Devices like the Nexus but many like it for its plain and simple look without the little tweaks and additions done to Stock android by Phone companies like Samsung and Sony who try to put in their touch and look to it. So if you are the owner

Top Android Apps for Searching Rental Apartments and Houses

Shifting houses was a huge task and now a days with the upcoming of huge number of Apartments it has become a common thing to shift apartments and houses depending on ob requirements, and with the inclusion of smartphones in every part of Life it has become very easy to do such stuff like finding

How to Lock What’s App in Android Smartphones or Tablets

Whats App which is at its peak with more that 20 billion messages being sent each day we must say has overtook the messaging service and putting a big dent to the Service providers by replacing Text messaging. With this massive number of messages being sent and received daily the number of users of Whats

How to Create and Share Self Distructing Notes or Messages

You must have seen in Scifi movies, Detective movies/TV Series about Self Destruct messages sent through text or Online, used to conceal secret messages which will be destructed after a certain period of time or once the message is read. Those apps and tricks are not just Restricted to James Bond or any famous detective

How to Save Friends Profile Picture in Whats App

Every person these days is using whats app which has replaced Messaging because of its increasing Rates, this app is available in all Operating Systems present like Android, iOS, BB, Windows. So there have been many doubts by people who were wondering if they can save the profile pictures of their friends from Whats App.