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How to Stop or Disable Predictive Text in Samsung Note 3 and S4

The predictive Text in Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3 are seen by someone as very helpful and some utterly hate it as while typing in your local language it a big pain to keep correcting your mistake as it gives the english terms. So for people who feel Predictive text in Samsung Note 3

How to Stop/Disable App notifications in Android

Android Operating System is evolving day by day and earlier there used to be notifications of just missed calls, messages, mails etc but now every Applications is getting notifications which regularly keep coming up in the notification bar can sometimes be irritating with games and other apps showing notifications and updates. I have got many

Which Android Phones are getting Kitkat 4.4 Firmware Update

The latest Android Kitkat 4.4 Firmware which was announced recently and which can be found on the Nexus 5 Smartphone is a great upgrade which most of the high end smartphone owners are waiting for like Galaxy S4, Xperia Z, LG G2…. etc from various companies. The updates will be made available to the Smartphones

How to solve “Error Code 921” in Google Play Store App install

Every Android user has applications installed in their devices and these have to be installed from Google Play Store which is recently experiencing an Error to many users who are trying to instal any applications when a error pop’s up on their screen stating “Unknown error code during application install” which is preventing installation of

How to Stop Data usage when Screen is Off in Sony Xperia Z

Constant Data Usage even when the screen is turned off is a common thing in today’s smartphones with Background Apps running constantly trying to update regularly in the background with notifications. This affects the Battery life and also uses up a lot of Mobile Data when on the move. In case you are using wifi

How to Enable and Use Screen Magnifier in Galaxy S4 and Note

While using the Samsung Galaxy S4  and Note3 you might sometimes wish to have a magnifier to read the small text while browsing through internet or Mail. Our eyesight these days is bad and i use a lot of the Magnification feature on my Desktop to look at some small text and details. This Screen

Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Charging problem Solution

Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4 active are the latest top end smartphones from Samsung with some amazing features but there have been some problems with the Charging of Galaxy S4 and S4 Active. The following problems were submitted by users: Slow Battery Charging of Galaxy S4 and S4 Active Fast Battery Drain of Galaxy S4

How to turn off ‘OK Google Now’ in Android devices

Ok google now is a feature which allows you to directly activate Google Now by saying the Keyword. It is just that you can activate Google now option from anywhere in your device and speak the search terms and you will be getting results immediately. Kit kat 4.4 is now available in Nexus 5 device

Top 5 New Year Apps for Android devices

With New Year just around the corner and it is a time to wish people in the most unique way. Here are some Apps in Android which will let you enjoy New Year with various types of Apps like Wallpapers, Live Wallpapers, Timers, Countdown, Greeting cards, Sms Apps. Download all the apps and make this

How to get Android 4.4 Kit Kat like look on any Jellybean device

With Nexus 5 coming with Stock Android 4.4 KitKat the craze for having this latest version on your android device is increasing but unfortunately it is not released for any other device other than Nexus 5. But here is a way to get Android 4.4 Kitkat like look on any Jelllybean Android device. After Jelly