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How to take Screenshot in Nokia X, X+ and XL

Taking screenshots is a necessity these days in all smartphones which is a great way to share something which cannot be explained in words or messages etc. And taking screenshots in many phones has been explained by us in earlier posts for phones like LG G2  Microsoft which owns Nokia has tried to enter into

How to fix your device is not supported for Whats App error in Nokia X and XL devices

After the recent update offered by Nokia which was on June 8th there has been a problem of App not being supported while launching like Whats App users were not able to launch the App by tapping on the Icon but were able to open the app by clicking on the notifications recieved. So if

How to install WhatsApp on Nokia X X+ and XL using APK files

In the latest Nokia X, X+ and XL devices which are being sold at a brisk pace in the market are facing complains from the customers as they are not supproting WhatsApp in the Nokia Store. In the latest Nokia XL series WhatsApp is available from the Nokia store but recently many people are faing

What are Miscellaneous Files in Glaxy S4 and S5 storage and How to remove it

Are you finding that most of the space in your 16GB Galaxy S4 and S5 is being taken up by Miscellaneous Files and is it taking up more than6 GB of your internal memory? then you are not alone as most of the users are seeing this and it is very irritating to see that

How to Solve / Fix Error code 491 in Google play store

Google play store along with being a huge App store is also a source of many Errors which many of the users are facing which can be seen during installation or while Updating any App in your android device be it smartphone or tablet. The Errors are seen more in ICS and Jelly Bean compared

How to print Wirelessly from Android Phones and Tablets

Android Smartphones and Tablets are coming with specification to match that of a Personal computer or laptop and are doing most of the stuff which can be done on your PC or Laptop and are portable as well. And now you can even use your Android device to Print any documents without the use of

Things to check before buying a used Samsung Mobile

Because of the increasing prices of mobiles, one might always wish to opt for a used mobile phone. But finding a genuine seller of the mobile is very difficult in these money minded times. An armature might just look for the physical appearance of the phone and any shiny mobile with a leather case might

How to Reboot your Android devices in Recovery Mode

We have many tutorials to solve errors which have the option of Rebooting your Android device which will help solve some errors but i have seen that many users ask how to actually Reboot their Android Device, so here we are going to show you how to Reboot your Android device mainly helpful for Samsung

Storage Space Issues – “Not Enough Space” Error

Out of all the alert pop ups on an android phone,the most frustrating one is “Not Enough Storage Space”. It goes to a new height of frustration when this Error pops up when you don’t have anything of significant size stored on your phone. There are many reasons why this error can appear on your

How to Fix – “Unfortunately, The App has stopped” error in Android devices

Errors and Crash reports have become a common thing in Android smartphones like we see in Windows PC, every other thing like the App Store, Browsers, Apps etc everything Crashes or gets stuck which is really irritating and one such error which many people constantly come across is “Unfortunately the app has stopped” this error comes