Blackberry QWERTY smartphones to cost less

Blackberry the company which brought the QWERTY keyboard to the market has been facing a rough time in all markets around the world from the last few years. With many new companies coming into the smartphone market with almost all the devices coming out with touch screen only.

Blackberry the only company still stuck to the QWERTY keyboard are slashing the prices of all its QWERTY devices like the 9220, 9320, 9720 and Q5 which are having the QWERTY keypads.
blackberry decreases prices of 9320 9720 Q5
Sameer Bhatia, Director of Distribution of Blackberry India has said “The¬†classic BlackBerry Keyboard, re-engineered for the fast efficient navigation and one-handed use, has huge fan base who swear by the distinct typing experience that BlackBerry offers. These compelling price-points will enable QWERTY fans to experience the latest technology and ease of use in one device”.

The price slash of the three devices is as follows where Backberry is giving a discount of Rs. 6000 on all the models:

  • Blackberry 9320: Rs. 10,000 (New Price) and Rs. 15,499 (Old Price)
  • Blackberry 9720: Rs. 11,990 (New price) and Rs. 15,990 (Old price)
  • Blackberry Q5: Rs. 13,990 (New Price) and Rs. 24,990 (Old Price)

With the lack of any QWERTY or  keyboard smartphones from other smartphone companies people who are fans of having physical keypads are going to stick to Blackberry devices and the company is trying to keep its user base and attract new customers by slashing and giving discounts to QWERTY smartphones only and not the complete Touch screen devices.

Blackberry are trying to do what they did with Z3, Z10 and Z30 by slashing the rates which gave tremendous response to these devices and Blackberry did not expect the kind of response it got which resulted in the smartphone being sold out in many places. Z3 and Z10 are the main smartphones which saw the response which Blackberry are using as an example to increase sales of 9320, 9720 and Q5.

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