Best Free Christmas Apps for Apple iPhone and iPad

Christmas is just round the corner and there are many things which we love about Christmas as it is a fun filled family affair which lasts for many days. There are many Songs, Carols about Christmas which everyone loves and we all sing together. Christmas is a Holiday season which we can spend with the family and children especially wait for this all year long for their wishes and gifts to be fulfilled by Santa.

Download and Instal these Free Apps from iTunes App Store to get your hand on Christmas Ringtones, Carols and Christmas christmas apps for iphone and ipad

List of Free Christmas Ringtones, Carols and Songs Apps for iPhone and iPad:

best christmas songs music and carols for appleChristmas Songs, Music and Carols:

This is a Free app which contains a huge list of Ringtones for Christmas including Ringtones, Carols and Music for Christmas which lets you and family have a great Christmas. the App downloads all the music directly on your device and you can access all of the 80 songs without any Internet connection. It also lets you get the Lyrics to sing along with hearing the song.

Apple iTunes App Store Link: Christmas Songs, Music and Carols

best Christmas tree app for Apple iphone and ipadChristmas Music Tree:

A fun filled Christmas App which has 3 Christmas songs and Music Cards at offer. The Christmas Tree which is filled with toys gives out a different music on touching each one of them. It is a fun app for Children who will specially love this as they can click on each toy to play a certain music like a Piano.

Apple iTunes App Store Link for: Christmas Music Tree

Best Christmas carols music with lyrics app for apple iphone and ipadChristmas Music and Carols with Lyrics:

This apps contains a whole of 22 most popular Christmas carols available for you with Lyrics to learn and sing along. The app also gives you some animations like Santa’s sleigh fly by the moon, or watch an endless hallway of Angel’s trumpeting along with you while you are listening to the Carols. It is particularly helpful to teach your children Carols and keep them interested in it.

Apple iTunes App Store Link for: Christmas Music and Carols with Lyrics

Best Christmas Ringtones app for apple iphone and ipadChristmas Ringtones:

This app gives you Ringtones for free with 8 ringtones on offer in the free version and you can get all the 100 ringtones with the paid version. All the famous and most heard ringtones are present in this app. It also contains some fun ringtones related to Christmas. You can save all the Ringtones and can even share them with your friends and family.

Apple iTunes App Store Link for: Christmas Ringtones

Free Christmas Ringtones:

This is another Free Ringtones App for Christmas which offers you ringtones for free, you can easily set these tones as your device ringtone or download them by simply choosing a ringtone, enter your email i.d and download it from there to your device and share it with your friends.

Enjoy this Christmas with all the latest Ringtones, Carols and Music and have a happy fun filled Holiday season with teaching your kids Carols and all the family having a good time setting up the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas to All.

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