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How to Send Friend Requests in Facebook when Blocked

Facebook has become strict and is blocking many people for a certain number of days and does not allow you to Send friend requests to any User when for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 15 days or 30 days if you have sent too many requests to people and they don’t accept it. So

How to make Siri read out Notifications in iPhone

Apple with its latest iOS7 has tremendously increased its chances of fighting and staying afloat in its fight against Android. There are many cool features introduced and some features enhanced in iOS7 compared to iOS6. Here is another feature which will surely be helpful to many of us. In case oyu are driving, sleeping, taking

How to Save Friends Profile Picture in Whats App

Every person these days is using whats app which has replaced Messaging because of its increasing Rates, this app is available in all Operating Systems present like Android, iOS, BB, Windows. So there have been many doubts by people who were wondering if they can save the profile pictures of their friends from Whats App.

Top/Best First Person Shooter (FPS) Apps for Android phone and Tablets

First person shooter games are gun Centered and Projectile weapon based gaming first person perspective. This literally means that the player looks at the game from the eyes of the player. Wikipedia has given a good description to what First person Shooter games are. Note: FPS games require High End Graphics and they really test

How to Block Calls, Messages and Facetime in iPhone with iOS7

Apple with the release of its latest completely revamped operating system has release a lot of New Features in iOS7 among which is the feature which allows the users to Block Calls, Messages and Facetime calls and this is integrated in the iOS 7 itself. This feature is particularly useful if you are fed up

How to Copy-Paste Text from iPhone to your PC or Laptop

This is a problem which i faced many times, when i am scrolling through the internet in my iPhone and suddenly find a link or coupon code which i want to have in my Desktop or Laptop. What i used to do was, either note it down in a piece of paper to refer to

How to Remove or Disable the Last Seen Status in Whats App in Android and Apple

Whats App from its introduction into the Smartphone market has replaced SMS messaging because people are fed up with the increasing rates by the Service Providers. Whats app provides free messaging multimedia, photos, videos etc for free with just an internet connection which makes it very easy and soft on your pocket. There has been

Differences between Nokia Lumia 928 vs Galaxy S4 – Comparison

Nokia trying to dethrone and take on the mighty Galaxy S4 is going to be one to watch out for with its Lumia 928 being launched it is surely taking on the mighty S4 but lets see who fares well in the comparison department. Both these devices have a great lineage with S4 coming from

Comparison of iOS6 vs iOS7 – Design change of Icons

The differences between iOS 6 and iOS7 are huge, there is a complete change in the User Interface. This is the biggest change ever done by Apple regarding its iOS where only new additions were added but this one is a complete overhaul. There is a change in the way the Apps looks, complete interface

Facebook: How to invite all Friends to like your Facebook Page or Event in One Step

Everyone is having a Facebook Page these days, and to get likes we have to select each friend from our friends list and then “Invite” them separately. It is a very strenuous process and irritating many times, i myself could not invite more than 15 people at once and used to close the invite box.