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Intel i7 3970x Extreme Processor

  Intel has been continously improving its processors as the demand for high performance is increasing. The latest offer from Intel is the Core i7 3970X Extreme edition processor. It comes with an advanced microarchitecture. It comes with some advanced technologies such as Intel vPro, Intel Hyperthreading technology, and Turbo boost technology amongst others. This processor promises to

Shopping on a Black Friday | How to take advantage of Black Friday deals Nov 2012

Black Friday is a day which is most eagerly looked upon by millions of Americans. There is nothing negative about it as it reflects in the name. It is a very busy day which brings smiles to millions of people. The significance of Black Friday is that it is celebrated on the day after Thanks

Facebook adds Emoji to messages

Social networking giant Facebook has introduced some new updates recently. It has added these graphical images into the messaging bar of facebook. We had to use specific third party apps for using emoji smileys for communication earlier by leaving facebook. But, now we can use these smileys within facebook which makes chats more interesting. This

Facebook adds in-line friend tagging

Facebook have introduced a new feature called In-line tagging. This feature is very cool as it allows you to tag friends or anyone while you are replying or commenting to a post. It helps us to reply the message to any specific person by tagging them. All we need to do is type “@” before

Find My iPhone app

Many a times we tend to loose or forget where we have left our iPhone. We also might leave the phone in silent and forget where we last left it.  Find My iPhone is an app that would help us locate where our iPhone is. It is a simple tool that helps us to identify our

Apple bids adieu to third party Emoji Apps

Emoji icons are by far the best way to express anyone’s feelings during chats. There were many third party apps which provided Emoji icons for free for Apple users. Also, earlier the only way to access these icons was to download any of the many available third party apps. But with the new iOS 6

5 easy ways to create Android Apps for free

Android market is the biggest market for Apps in current times. There seems to be an ever-growing demand for  apps which is creating a world of opportunities for millions of developers around the world. Apps have become a medium for many to showcase their talent and creativity, and also make some good money. The Android

How to do factory reset on Android device

There are various reasons which might force us to perform a factory reset on our Android device. Some of these reasons could be improper installation of any app that could lead your phone to get stuck, any app could not be performing up to its optimum level and slow down your phone, any technician could have asked

Windows 8 pricing for PC Utlrabook and Tablet

Windows has come out with its latest Operating System called as the Windows 8.  This OS from Windows will be officially launched on Oct 26th. We can pre-order the full version for a DVD version. Anyone who is willing to wait for a little longer can have the downloadable version from Windows through the Windows

Samsung S3 Mini Specifications and Price

Samsung has finally pulled the curtains down about the rumors doing rounds about the smaller version of its latest flagship model Samsung S3. Yes today Samsung officially launched the Samsung S3 Mini. Lets have a brief look at what it has to offer. Design Samsung has become famous for its smart phones with large screens. It has