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How to Fix “Can’t take screenshot due to limited storage space” Issue

This post depicts a way to fix the issue or Error (message below) faced when trying to take a screenshot on your android smartphone. “Can’t take screenshot due to limited storage space, or it isn’t allowed by the app or your organisation” Users have reported this issue even though enough storage space was available in

Things to do after buying a new Smart Phone

As the heading suggests, this post outlines the list of things one has to do on buying a new smartphone. Before continuing, I would like to congratulate you on your new phone. The very thing that you are here reading this post suggests that you are going to take good care of your mobile. Well here is the list of things

How to Fix Blank “Sign in to Network” WiFi Issue

A number of people reported the issue of not being able access their internet, by logging in to the WiFi network even after providing the correct credentials, although they were connected to the WiFi network signal. The reason being the login screen appears blank or empty and might probably give an impression that the page is stuck or

Oneplus Two – FAQ’s and Doubts

Oneplus Two the 2016 flagship killer has been recently released and is available for purchase via an Invite. People have literally opted for the “Beg, Borrow or Steal” approach to get their hands on this beast of a smartphone. There are many doubts and queries which many users are worried about, with some reviews saying the

Mi Redmi 2 – FAQ’s and Doubts

Mi Redmi 2 is the latest offering from Mi, the Chinese smart phone makers known for their High-End spec:Low cost combination mobiles. On a high level the phone has the following specs : Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor(1.2GHz MSM8916) 1 GB of RAM with Adreno 306 GPU 2200mAH lithium-polymer battery 4.7-inch (11.93 centimeters) IPS HD capacitive

How to Fix “Group Policy Client service” Issue

This post provides the solution for the error or message that pops up on login for Windows 8 users (also noticed for prior versions but with a lesser frequency of occurrence). The full message is something like this : “Failed to connect to a Windows service Windows could not connect to the Group Policy Client

Oneplus One – FAQ’s and Doubts

Oneplus one is one of the phones with a fast growth in the fan-base. The high end specifications be it the 3 GB of RAM or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor makes this phone a Flagship Killer of 2014 as it was stated to be. Even after the release of Oneplus 2 one can always opt

How to check who is stealing you WiFi

I am sure that when Anne Frank said “No-one has ever become poor by giving” she didn’t mean giving off free internet to others. Not only does it make us poor but a slow internet also makes us grumpy. Did you anytime feel that your internet is getting slower by the day? Be it slow loading of the Web pages or

OnePlus Two – Questions Answered

The OnePlus 2 (OP2) Pre-Launch AMAA (Ask me almost anything) session just took place in reddit and Carl the Co-Founder of OnePlus was present with the other staff Michael, Emmanuel and David to answer the questions. With just weeks away from the launch of the next Flagship device from OnePlus, here are some of the keynotes

Fix for “Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped” issue

Though Contacts is a basic feature in any phone, recently there has been a increase in the issue where the Contacts app suddenly stops working and force closes. This issue seems to be more prevalent among the android phones and increased after the lollipop update.  Especially users of Oneplus One, Moto G and Nexus phones have