Apple iPhone 5c and 5s offered Free on 2 year contract by RCom and Apple

Apple is trying to bring in the latest iPhone models into India based on Contract basis tying up with Reliance Communications (RCom). RCom will be giving iPhones for Free with a 2-year contract which will be tied up with Banks like ICICI and HDFC.

This is the first time Subsidy is being implemented into the Indian market with a postpaid plan at offer as we see in the US and UK markets. And Reliance is the company which is bringing this into the Indian market.

Here are the details of the RCom + Apple Collaboration:

  • iPhone 5c 16GB which is priced without subsidy at Rs.41,900, will be available for a monthly fee of Rs.2,500
  • iPhone 5s which is priced at Rs.53,500, will be on offer for around Rs.2,800 a month.
  • iPhone 5s 32GB with an upfront fee of Rs.10,000 in addition to the monthly charges.
  • iPhone 5s 64GB versions will come with an upfront fee of Rs.18,000 in addition to the monthly charges.

One Good thing is that RCom is offering a postpaid plan along with the contract. We do not know the exact details of the offer. RCom and iPhone 5c and 5s contract details in India

Let us give an Example of a iPhone Model and how this subsidy plan works for the customer and RCom:

  • iPhone 5s 16 GB is priced at Rs. 53,500
  • RCom is offering the model at Rs. 2,800 /pm for 2 years which comes to Rs. 67,200 after 2 years
  • This is approximately Rs. 14,000 higher than the base price
  • But there is a positive sign in this, RCom is offering Unlimited Calls (not sure about the exact details) and Unlimited Data for the 24 month period of the contract.
  • According to the present rates the Data and Calls will come to Rs. 583 /pm or Rs. 14,000 for 24 months so we can say that RCom is managing the price very cleverly.

Lets hope that RCom and Apple collaboration sees the light of day and is really available for the customers as this will really open up the market for Indian users.

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