Apple bids adieu to third party Emoji Apps

Emoji icons are by far the best way to express anyone’s feelings during chats. There were many third party apps which provided Emoji icons for free for Apple users. Also, earlier the only way to access these icons was to download any of the many available third party apps. But with the new iOS 6 update, Apple has stopped supporting these characters. Now Apple is notifying the developers that their apps are not needed anymore. The good news here is that Apple has enabled Emoji characters within the iOS 6 and is available along with the latest update.

Apple bids adieu to third party emoji
Apple bids adieu to third party emoji

Steps to activate Emoji icons on iOS 6 phone –

  1. Go to Settings
  2.  General
  3.  Keyboard
  4. Add new Keyboad
  5. Now, select Emoji

This completes the steps for activating Emoji on your phone.

Now for accessing these icons we need to press the World icon which is placed on the bottom left side of the virtual keyboard on Apple devices. This gives us complete access to Emoji characters.

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