How to Add a Friend to your Instagram Live Video

Instagram has added a new feature to its Android and iOS application. This gives the option to Add a Friend to your Instagram Live Video. This will now give you an option in Live Video to Add a friend who can be seen as a split screen (as seen in the image). This is a very interesting feature as you can have Live Video with your friend at the same time from different places. This option is not available in any of the other competitors like the Live video in Facebook, Periscope etc.

How to add a friend to your Live Video in Instagram

It is a new feature which was announced by Instagram and is said to be rolling out in phases and will reach everyone in a couple of months, so make sure you check for any updates which might give the Live Video sharing update. Live videos has been included in every Social networking site like Facebook, Periscope and Youtube which are quite useful in sharing Live updates to followers or friends from any event you might be attending. To be able to share a Live video with your Friend or follower at the same time can open up a lot of possibilities as well.

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How to Add a Friend to your Instagram Live Video:

Step 1: Launch the Instagram App on your Android or iOS device

Step 2: Now tap on the Stories Icon (of your profile picture) which will take you to the Stories page

Step 3: Now tap on the Live option at the bottom of the Display to start the Live Video

Step 4: To Add a friend to your Live stream, you have to tap on the “Add” to invite the people who is watching your Video

Step 5: Once the person accepts your invite, their Live video will be seen at the bottom as a Split screen below your Video

At the moment it only looks like you can invite only one person to add to your Live video and if there is any update which lets you add multiple users, we will be updating you. Live Video sharing has been very important to users.

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