How to Save or Download WhatsApp Voice Messages on iPhone

WhatsApp is the number one messaging App used in the world at the moment with more than 2 billion active users which is quite a huge number. With WhatsApp gaining in popularity due to its multiple features like messaging, sharing images, videos, voice messages, audio files, video files, etc. For Android users, Voice Messages are

How to Always Mute Chats in WhatsApp Permanently for Android and iOS

WhatsApp has updated their Mute option with a new settings giving you the option to permanently or Always mute notifications for a user or Group. It has termed the new update as “Always” mute chat feature. Earlier there used to be three time frames for which you could mute any user or Group you are

How to Fix WhatsApp Notifications not working on iPhone

WhatsApp is the leading Social networking app across all platforms, recently some users have started complaining of WhatsApp Notifications not working on iPhone. The reason for Notifications not showing up on your iPhone can be many and let us look at all the reasons and how you can fix it. Users will not be receiving

WhatsApp limits forwarding messages to 1 chat at a time to stop fake news

WhatsApp has started taking measures to curb forwarding of fake messages by restricting the number of users you can forward to. Earlier in 2018 WhatsApp had introduced the “forwarded” tag to any message which was forwarded from one chat to another which gave the receiver info regarding the message being forwarded. At the same time,

How to find out who you Message the most on WhatsApp

Did you know that there is a way to know who you messaged or contacted with the most on WhatsApp? The Instant messaging app is replacing both messaging, voice and video calling from traditional methods and has crossed two billion monthly active users recently which is quite a big number. With the option which we

How to Delete WhatsApp Backup files saved in Google Drive – Android and PC

Step by Step Guide to delete WhatsApp Backup in Google Drive WhatsApp had introduced a new feature sometime back allowing users to backup their chat history including text, files, images and Videos into their Google Drive account. This feature made it very useful for users who frequently change phones as they can just login with

How to Activate Touch ID and Face ID lock on WhatsApp for iPhone

The most used Instant messaging service, WhatsApp has not just restricted itself to messages but has become a multi functional application where people are making Video calls, Audio calls, sharing photos, videos etc, this has increased the importance of keeping your account private from prying eyes. Be it at office or at home you would

How to Activate and use Fingerprint lock for WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp the most used Instant messaging Application has introduced a very important feature in their Version 2.19.221 update for Android devices – Fingerprint lock for WhatsApp. With this you can lock your WhatsApp application and it can only be opened using a Fingerprint. So before proceeding to activate this feature you need to make sure

How to Disable or Deactivate WhatsApp without Deleting or Uninstalling App in Android

Social Media has everyone glued to their smartphones taking up a major chunk of our day to day life, with WhatsApp being one of the most used Instant messaging apps in the world it would certainly be useful to keep away from the Online world and spend some time in the offline world. Most social

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos & Videos from Phone’s Storage

In recent times, there has been the increase in Cloud storage for most of the apps like WhatsApp which has made it difficult to loose any photo or video from your Storage. But in some cases where you have not backed up the data and in the mean time deleted a Photo or Video or