How to Fix Error 97 when trying to send SMS in Android

While most Android Errors do not seem to appear these days, there has been a new Error 97 which is showing up when you are trying to send an SMS on your Android smartphone using the SMS App. The Error showing up is “Error 97: SMS Origination Denied” in a pop-up window while trying to

How to Fix “Unfortunately, Messenger has stopped” Error in Facebook App

Facebook is most popular and most used Social Networking Site having more than 1 billion active users across the globe and most of them accessing the site through their mobile application on Android and iOS devices. To chat or to communicate with your Facebook friends there is another application called Facebook Messenger, recently many users

How to Fix or Solve Error 936 in Google Play Store

There is an Error which has started troubling Android users, the Error 936 which is being seen while downloading an App from Google Play Store. This Error is has been known to pop up even while updating the App for some users. The Error 936 is seen with a pop-up message popping up when you hit

How to Fix or Solve “Error 506” – Cant Download App in Google Play Store

Recently encountered an Error while downloading an App from Google Play Store, where the Error message read like – “Can’t download app – Error Code -506“. This Error has been commonly seen in situations where the Application has been Installed once and uninstalled and tried to install again. What is the cause of Error 506?

How to Solve or Fix “Device is Not Certified by Google” Error in Android smartphones

Google is the company owning Android, has some very strict rules for devices which are running on their Android OS to make sure that they comply with certain requirements to make them safe. If the devices running the Android OS do not meet the set criteria they are termed as not secure. In such cases,

How to Fix or Solve “Your connection is not Private” Error in Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers being used and there are certain Errors which are being faced by users such as – “Your Connection is not private“. The causes of this Error can be many and we first need to understand what the real cause of the problem is and decide on

How to Fix or Solve “Server Error – Retry” in Google Play Store in Android devices

If you own an Android smartphone, it comes with Google Play Store and more than we wish, we keep seeing Errors popping up any many instances like – Updating Apps, Installing Apps etc. One such Google Play Store Error is “Server Error – Retry” when you try to access Google Play Store Error. This can

How to Fix or Solve “Gboard has Stopped Working” Error

There are numerous keyboard or typing apps available in Play Store or App Store for iOS, one of the best is Gboard from Google which has all the features useful in making typing hassle free. Gboard comes integrated with lots of features directly related to Google like Google search, maps, translate etc which can be

How to Fix Screen Display Flickering Error in Android smartphones

One on the most common problems faced by Android users is Screen Flickering or the display suddenly becoming dimmer at certain points and more precisely known as flickering. If you are facing this problem after dropping your device or after it had come in contact with water, then it becomes a hardware problem and nothing

How to Fix or Solve Error code 0 in Google Play Store

With the increasing number of apps in Google Play Store and Android devices, there are new Errors which are popping up, one such problem being faced by Android users is “Error Code 0” while installing or updating apps in Google Play Store. With most of the other Errors which were present in Google Play store,