How to Fix Error 96 Encoding Issue while Sending SMS on Android

Many users have complained of an Error while sending SMS in their Android device, Error 96 which comes with the pop up message – “Messaging – Message not sent, Tap to review the message and try again“. It is usually seen while trying to send an SMS using the built in Messaging App on any

How to Fix Error 97 when trying to send SMS in Android

While most Android Errors do not seem to appear these days, there has been a new Error 97 which is showing up when you are trying to send an SMS on your Android smartphone using the SMS App. The Error showing up is “Error 97: SMS Origination Denied” in a pop-up window while trying to

How to Solve or Fix “Device is Not Certified by Google” Error in Android smartphones

Google is the company owning Android, has some very strict rules for devices which are running on their Android OS to make sure that they comply with certain requirements to make them safe. If the devices running the Android OS do not meet the set criteria they are termed as not secure. In such cases,

How to Fix or Solve “Server Error – Retry” in Google Play Store in Android devices

If you own an Android smartphone, it comes with Google Play Store and more than we wish, we keep seeing Errors popping up any many instances like – Updating Apps, Installing Apps etc. One such Google Play Store Error is “Server Error – Retry” when you try to access Google Play Store Error. This can

How to Fix Screen Display Flickering Error in Android smartphones

One on the most common problems faced by Android users is Screen Flickering or the display suddenly becoming dimmer at certain points and more precisely known as flickering. If you are facing this problem after dropping your device or after it had come in contact with water, then it becomes a hardware problem and nothing

How to fix Closed gallery, no required permission Error in Xiaomi or any Android devices

Most Android smartphones run on Android Lollipop 5 / Marshmallow 6 or Android 7 Nougat OS with their respective UI’s on top and Xiaomi devices come with MIUI 7 and MIUI 8. There have been many queries about an Error – “Closed Gallery, no required permissions” which is seen when the user tries to open

How to Fix or Solve “Unfortunately, System UI has Stopped” Error in Android

From all the errors seen in Android devices one of the most common ones is the “Unfortunately, System UI has Stopped” Error seen in many Samsung users after updating to Marshmallow OS. Other users as well reported the error on their devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS like LG, Xiaomi, LeEco, Lenovo, Motorola etc. The Error

How to Fix or Solve “Unfortunately Contacts has stopped” Error in Android smartphones

When you are going to make an important call or searching for a contact in your Android device, you might face an Error “Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped” which is quite annoying at times closing the Phone App when it was most needed. The exact reason for this error is not clear but it is related

How to Fix or Solve “Authentication is required” Error in Google Play Store in Android devices

There are many Errors and problems which have been seen with Apps and also sometimes with Google Play Store as well, one such Error is the “Authentication is required. You need to sign into your Google Account. Retry” on opening Google Play Store. This message is seen even after logging into Google Play Store with

How to Fix or Solve – Screen Overlay Detected Error in Android smartphone or Tablet

You must be here to find out the fix for the Error message “Screen overlay detected” in your Android smartphone. This has become a common Error being faced by many Android mobile users and I have been asked a lot about the same quite a few times. The Error is not a complicated one but