5 easy ways to create Android Apps for free

Create free android apps

Create free android apps

Android market is the biggest market for Apps in current times. There seems to be an ever-growing demand for  apps which is creating a world of opportunities for millions of developers around the world. Apps have become a medium for many to showcase their talent and creativity, and also make some good money. The Android market which is now The Play Store already features more than 500k apps for all the Android users around the world. The best part about Play Store is that majority of these apps are free to download which is the sole reason it has so many users glued to it. One can’t refuse to admit that about a million apps are being downloaded daily and the number refuses to come down.

This leaves each and every one of us with a lot of opportunity to create an app of our own. It would be wonderful to develop an App with our own creativity. There are a couple of websites which enable us to make an App of our choice for Free.

1. AppsGeyser

Here is a website which offers to develop any web content into an App completely free. AppsGeyser started about two years ago and has developed as one of the leading websites offering this service. They can transfer people’s ideas into an App. They have 258k apps created to their credit. We can create an App in two simple steps. It doesn’t stop just here. This website offers to create your App for free and then distribute it through their large network. They also give ads along with the apps which helps us to earn through our apps. Adding to the above the site also offers to sell our app for a good value once it becomes popular. Finally, they have several free educational resources and their vast experience which help us to grow our business through apps. To create your free app, check out AppsGeyser

Benefits –

  • Easy monetization which helps us to make money.
  • It gives us HTML 5 support using which we can add advanced features and also enhance user experience.
  • We can send Handy Notifications to the apps as pop ups.
  • The best of all is that the users can share the Apps on Social Networking sites.

2. Android3Apps

This site helps you to create an Android app very easily. It has some simple steps which don’t take much time and it also user friendly.


  1. Choose an App
  2. Customize it
  3. Share it

This wasn’t that hard right. Android3Apps allows you to create an App in any category you want. This site features some preloaded categories such as E-book, Blog/RSS, Trivia games, Photo Gallery, Quotes, Radio stations, Video players and many more. It has loads of categories which suit the demand of Android users. This website proves that making a decent app is not that hard and is all Free. In its support section it also offers some cool tips which would help you not just to make an app but to make a great app. To create your free app, check out Android3apps.

 3. Andromo

Andromo is another cool website which helps its users to make apps at the ease of a few mouse clicks. With this website you can make a professional app which is as good as any app made by pure coding. A great feature of this website is that you can add online content as a feature in your app such as your website or a blog. You can also add photo galleries or YouTube videos into your app as a feature. You can also control the appearance and style of your app. You can configure the look of the dashboard, drop downs, choose the colors, and also upload your own icons and images into your app. It can be completely customized. You can also make money through this app by adding ads to your app. You can also sell your app on Google Play Store. Through the app you can also promote your business by targeting a large audience online. To create your free app using this website, check out Andromo.

4. App Yet

This is a unique website which helps you to convert your RSS feeds into an App. This helps us to increase the promote your website/blog. This service is also free. You can create an app in two simple steps. You can attract new visitors to your website through the apps. It also helps us to earn good money when a reader click-through the embedded ad or when they buy your paid app. You can also create an app for a specific target such as sports, movies etc. You can create apps without any technical knowledge of Java/Html. To create your free app using this website, check out Appyet.

5. Free Android App Maker

Finally we have here Free Android App Maker. This website allows us to create apps for free. It is one of the fastest utility website which creates apps and submits it to the App store within no time.


  1. Choose your template
  2. Add your content (text, pictures)

That’s it. Then you just submit your app for review. It has many preloaded layouts and templates. These help you to easily customize your app and make it professional. Once the review is over and your app is approved, you can download it directly from Google Play Store. It is available for download to millions of users. To create your free app using this website, check out Free Android App Maker.

I believe making an app is surely one of the wishes that many of us have and the above sites will make it even more easy to do so.

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