5 Best Free Christmas Apps for Android devices

With Christmas just Round the corner there is a lot of buzz about the latest and the top free Christmas apps in Android Play Store. Here we are going to list out the best 5 Christmas Apps for all Android devices in Samsung, HTC, LG, Micromax, Motorolla, Nexus and Andorid tablets as well.

We are listing some of the top Christmas Apps which have Games, Live Wallpapers, fun apps, Countdown timers etc for both your kids and Adults. All these apps listed here are Free and will not affect your pocket this Christmas with a lot of Spending to do on Gifts, decorations, greeting etc.

 top free Christmas Apps for Android

5 Best Free Christmas Apps for Android:

Best free Christmas apps for android -Christmas CountdownChristmas Countdown:

This is a must have app for all Android Users. This is a Live Wallpaper for Android devices which will show a Christmas Tree with lights colorful background and Snowfall. This app also has a feature of tap on Christmas Countdown to begin a particle explosion. You can also edit some features like remove the Countdown timer and just have the Christmas tree with 8 different types of trees.

Download this App her: Christmas Countdown

Best free Christmas apps for android -Christmas story CountdownChristmas Countdown Story Elf:

This is a simple fun game which will help you and your kids complete simple tasks and also keep track of your Christmas Countdown. This is a story told by the ELFS who are preparing for this years Christmas and there are 23 doors which have some simple tasks and small trivia about Christmas.

Download this App here: Christmas Countdown Story Elf:

Best free Christmas apps for android -Talking SantaTalking Santa:

If you think of Christmas the first thing which comes to mind is Santa Clause and his gifts. Santa clause with his White beard, pot belly and Red clothes and Hat with a typical Laugh of “Ho ho ho” is vary popular with kids. So here you can

have this App which converts your words and sentences into Santa’s Voice. It is similar to the Talking Cat which is very famous.

Download this App here: Talking Santa

Best free Christmas apps for android -Christmas songs lyricsChristmas Songs Lyrics:

Christmas brings with it the joy of singing Christmas songs and carols. The most famous being “We wish you a merry Christmas” and “Jingle Bells”. Here is a App which will let you Sing the Christmas Songs with Lyrics. This is a very good App for your Children to learn the lyrics and meaning of the Christmas songs.

Download this App here: Christmas Songs Lyrics

Christmas Gift List:

Christmas is all about Giving gifts and getting gifts. This App comes with some helpful features like Track spending Gift cost tracking, Track gifts purchased, gift mailed and gift wrapped for each person, take notes of Gifts which you like for each person on your List. This app will really help you make a planner for your Christmas and keep track of your Money Spent and divide your budget accordingly.

Download this App here: Christmas Gift List


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